Reliability, durability and performance are the outstanding features of our Netstal machines. Regular inspections help preserve these value-creating attributes. So you consistently maintain an overview of the condition of your machines, we document these using an extensive checklist.

Systematically avoid machine downtime 

Longstanding empirical values confirm that regular machine inspections reduce downtime.

The Netstal machine inspection provides an efficient and professional overview of the overall condition of your machines. Using a checklist, we examine the system’s electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components as well as safety circuits, and document the current condition.

 Add functional options 

Supplement the machine inspection with functional options. Transparent in terms of cost and customized. Option examples:

  • Clamping force measurement
  • Temperature control
  • Injection unit alignment check
  • Oil analysis

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive and illustrated documentation on overall machine condition 
  • Overview of recommended maintenance work 
  • Substantial reduction in downtime due to the scheduled correction of defects 
  • Lower costs resulting from the reduction of unplanned production losses 

Machine certification

Machine certification is our ideal service product for safeguarding and verifying the relevant machine functions and their control parameters on your Netstal machine.

Verification documented in accordance with Euromap

The machine certification verifies the fundamental requirements for successful injection process functionality in line with Euromap guidelines and the requisite Netstal standards. On the basis of a certification log, the machine certification process checks machine leveling and procedural processes such as speed, injection speed and hold pressure in addition to measuring and verifying plate parallelism.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive documentation of procedural machine processes
  • Verification of injection process functionality for use in auditing
  • Verification for use in auditing

Netstal machine calibrationbased on (VDMA 24470)

During calibration we check the machine quality parameters defined by VDMA within the established tolerance ranges. Specialized Netstal service technicians with certified measuring equipment will perform the machine calibration.

Machine calibration according to (VDMA 24470-1)

We check parameters relevant to quality and their commensurate typical tolerance values. Tolerance ranges are established in reference to commercially available injection molding machines. Where tolerance values are met, the machine is deemed functionally capable without fitted mold and materials.

  • Cylinder temperature
  • Injection pressure
  • Screw rotating speed
  • Clamping force build-up
  • Clamping force reduction
  • Clamping plate parallelism

Calibration add-ons from Netstal

In addition to the screw rotating speed, also decisive for the quality of injection molded parts is the exact positioning of the screw. By checking the injection position, we ensure that this quality requirement is also met. An important quality feature is the distribution of force in the columns.

We check and ensure that column forces are symmetrically distributed and consequently that the fundamental requirements for a durable machine are met.

Leave calibration work to the specialists

Specialist Netstal service engineers calibrate your machine using qualified measurement media and record the results in audit-compliant calibration logs.

Your benefits:

  • Guaranteed VDMA-compliant calibration 
  • Even greater quality and durability through additional Netstal parameters 
  • Application of certified measuring instruments 
  • Audit-compliant logging

Accredited machine calibrationin accordance with (ISO 17025)

Raise the benchmark as a manufacturer of high-quality molded parts for the medical technology segment. Through risk-based calibration by our qualified and proficient calibration team, we ascertain verifiably accurate measurement of the relevant sensor signals within a defined measuring uncertainty range.

We are an accredited laboratory and meet the general requirements of the competence standard ISO 17025:2017*.

Specially trained calibration team

Our calibration laboratory has well-trained specialists that have to meet high standards in terms of training, qualifications, education, technical know-how, skills and experience.

Risk analysis

Our service for calibrating the respective measurement signal stems from a risk-based FMEA analysis. In this way we ensure that the relevant measurement signal is calibrated.

Metrologically traceable and calibrated measuring instruments

Through a documented, unbroken chain of calibrations, each one contributing to measurement accuracy, our measurement equipment can be traced back to a metrological SI unit. As calibration data documenting the measuring instruments used are archived, metrological traceability can be verified for the previous 10 years.

Your benefits:

  • Guaranteed ISO 17025-compliant calibration
  • Application of calibrated measuring instruments coordinated with your machine
  • Creation of ISO 17025-compliant documentation for use in auditing
  • Logging of any deviations

Preventative maintenance

Maintenance packages

Immense demands are placed on injection molding machines and systems in terms of availability. Immense demands are placed on injection molding machines and systems in terms of availability. The key to achieving the commercial goals of the production facility is the regular maintenance work stipulated in the maintenance manual. To minimize the risk of unscheduled machine downtime and cover personnel shortages at your company, we take on the requisite work, which is carried out by our qualified service engineers. We are offering a free servicing consultation that will help you meet your objectives.

Reduction of costs through strategic maintenance

Netstal offers commensurate servicing consultation in consideration of the service life phase of the respective injection molding machine. This primarily deals with analysis of the customer maintenance concept in terms of the jointly agreed maintenance requirements. The aim of the consultation and analysis is to prevent production losses, increase operational reliability and reduce downtime.

Together we define the objectives of strategic maintenance. This preempts troubleshooting and occurs by carrying out a standardized and scheduled service at prescribed intervals. Your machines consequently run more smoothly and unscheduled downtime is reduced.

Your benefits:

  • Increases injection molding machine availability thanks to strategic maintenance
  • Customized concept for optimal maintenance
  • Reduces costs
  • Retains machine value


Machine and production line relocation

Our global service network and contacts to leading logistic partners make us the first port of call when you relocate your injection molding machines. Rely on us to do the work; we plan and organize everything for you down to the last detail, from arranging the transport capacity right through to successful recommissioning in the new location.

Your benefits:

  • A complete performance package from a single source
  • Calculable fixed storage costs
  • Your machine is in the hands of experienced professionals


Repair Center

In our repair center, we handle necessary repairs to your injection molding machine with the highest level of expertise and reliability. Some examples of components we can repair for you:

  • Plasticizing PL100 
  • Netstal print cards 
  • Netstal gearboxes 
  • Various converters and motors 
  • Overshift cylinders PET 
  • Formfit cylinders 
  • Ejector cylinder 
  • Injection cylinders 
  • Ejet gearboxes and Moog Drives 

Complete overhaul or repurchase is also part of our service program.

Used machines

Your benefits:

  • Professional repairs by Netstal Service 
  • Cost transparency 
  • Extension of the service life of your Netstal machine