Our vision of asustainable future

Renzo Davatz, CEO

“Sustainability is a major priority for us and is firmly anchored in our vision and corporate policy. Environmental and climate protection as well as human protection are all important cornerstones of our business. We consider sustainability holistically within the meaning of ESG (environment, safety, governance).

By developing our machines in line with Ecodesign principles, we continuously enhance the energy efficiency of our machines and consequently support our customers in their drive to reduce CO2 emissions during plastic processing. Further optimization of our machines with the aim of improving utilization of the material plastic, reducing plastic waste and making thinner-walled parts is also an element of our sustainability strategy. Through our collaboration with strategic partners, we support the development of new and recycled materials that can be further processed in a climate-friendly and energy-saving way.

We additionally reduce our carbon footprint by establishing and implementing diverse measures to conserve resources. In this respect, we focus on the reduction of energy and water consumption at our plant in Näfels. Within the context of the circular economy, we provide our customers with the opportunity to have us overhaul our machines by equipping the latest technologies; we also buy back our machines and sell refurbished pre-owned machines.”

Environmental policy Netstal Group

Environmental protection

By reducing our carbon footprint, we contribute directly to climate protection.This is achieved by minimizing energy consumption and considering other possibilities.

  • Provide on-site application consulting to our customers to establish the most beneficial process in terms of productivity and energy consumption
  • Procedural implementation of recycle, replace, reduce
  • Provide recommendations on action at the end of a machine’s service life:
End of product life information

Process engineering


  • Improvement of product quality in recyclate processing
  • Processing of up to 100% rPET on preform systems
  • Co-injection packaging with recyclates used on the inner layer (without food contact)
  • IML packaging with digital watermarks facilitate the error-free, homogeneous sorting and recycling of plastic waste
  • Labels that are mechanically removable from packaging avoids negative impacts on the recycling process
  • Tethered caps to prevent littering with plastic closures (closure remains tethered to the bottle)


  • Processing of plant-based materials for various forms of packaging, e.g. coffee capsules based on sunflower husk
  • Processing of bioplastics
  • Processing of certified, renewable polyolefins
  • Pulp injection molding


  • Up to 30% lower material use in injection compression molding (ICM)
  • Lighter closures through elevated injection dynamics
  • Smart and intuitive control functions support operators, avoid any incorrect operation and reduce production rejects

Labor rights and human rights

Through the obligation of our payroll employees worldwide to uphold our ethical and compliance principles, we ensure compliance with statutory regulations, such as the ban on child labor and respect for labor rights and human rights.

Ethics and compliance

Through our governance system, we ensure compliance with our Compliance and Ethics Code in every Netstal Group location. This is available to all our employees and must be adhered to.

Sustainable procurement

Through the obligation of our suppliers to acknowledge our Supplier Code of Conduct, we support compliance with labor law regulations and statutory requirements regarding human rights throughout the entire supply chain.

Sustainable exhibitionstand construction

Trade fairs are important events for us and a place where we can pursue detailed discussions with our target groups and showcase our latest innovations. The structural implementation of our new trade fair stand concept follows the principles of reuse, recycle and replace.

  • Netstal-specific components will be stored and reused at upcoming trade fairs
  • Other materials made of textiles or aluminum will be 100% recycled
  • The reusable basic structure is made of lightweight aluminum and creates only minimal CO2 emissions during transport
  • Textiles are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • The stand exclusively uses LED lamps


Find our certifications here

  • Cooperation with EnAW (Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector) to improve our energy efficiency and achieve the energy-saving goals agreed with the Swiss Confederation
  • Cooperation with PRS (PET recycling Switzerland) to collect PET bottles at our location and send them directly for recycling
  • Strategic partnership with SABIC to work out sustainable thin-walled packaging solutions
  • Registration with EcoVadis
  • Registration with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)