Sustainably reduce energy consumption

You save costs and contribute to environmental friendliness by reducing energy consumption. We identify the potential for energy savings in your system and optimize it by making precise adjustments to the machine processes without compromising performance.

Quality through precision

We support you with our in-depth understanding of end products and comprehensive expertise in technology and injection molding processes in requirements analyses and application tests under real conditions. Through precise process settings, we guarantee the highest standards in terms of the quality of your products.

Tailor-made increase in your productivity

Produce more parts in less time: This is made possible by shortening the cycle time. We analyze your application area, optimize machine and tool movements and perfect the injection process for stable processes. Our user-friendly injection moulding machine with Smart Operation minimizes downtime after interruptions by quickly resuming production. Smart Operation allows processes to be controlled via pre-programmed, customizable smart buttons. The result: error-free operation according to your individual requirements.

Less material consumption for sustainable production

We reduce material consumption and the need for additives by optimizing the injection molding process. We achieve this by precisely fine-tuning the injection process and using materials with improved flow properties and advanced screw technologies to minimize scrap and rework. Your benefits:  Cost savings and more efficient use of raw materials.