Buy or rent a used machine

With a pre-owned machine from Netstal, you have the flexibility to respond to capacity shortages. We offer you a selection of injection molding machines available for purchase and rental at short notice.

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Complete and partial overhauls of your existing machines

Extend the service life of your machines

Sustainability starts with the machine. With an overhaul, we breathe new life into even older machines so that they can continue to deliver top performance for you for many years to come.

With our exclusive service, you not only ensure the long service life of your machines, but also ensure sustainable and efficient production.

Plasticizing unit and transfer unit with a high gloss finish

Plasticizing units and transfer units are subjected to heavy loads over the course of a machine’s life. After an overhaul, these components are restored to their former glory and are ready for many more years of top performance.

Repurchase of your existing machines

Upon request, we will buy back your existing machines and offer them for sale on our marketplace following a professional overhaul.

Fritz Beglinger

Sales manager used machines 

Direct +41 (0)55 618 64 46
Mobile +41 (0)79 303 64 53

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