Buy or rent aused machine

There are many seasonal situations that can force a company into a production bottleneck. You ask yourself whether it is really worth making a new purchase? To help you overcome short, medium or long-term bottlenecks we will gladly provide you with suitable rental machines or facilitate the sale of used machines.

Overhaul existingmachines

Sustainability starts with the machine. Our injection molding machines are renowned for their long service lives. After a general overhaul, even a comparatively old machine can deliver many more years of efficient production. Such a service is only available at Netstal.

Sell existingmachines

Upon request, we will buy back your existing machines and offer them for sale on our marketplace following a professional overhaul.

Fritz Beglinger

Sales manager used machines 

Direct +41 (0)55 618 64 46
Mobile +41 (0)79 303 64 53

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