Tobias Leuzinger

Cool product, cool people, varied work. Mainly, it's nice to be part of the Netstal family!

Horst Kogler

We are a strong team, where the team idea is not only on foils. We stick together, support each other, and help where there is a need. It works like a family, in good times, but above all also in bad and difficult times. It's a pleasure to be part of this Netstal family.

Renzo Davatz

Netstal is a company and a brand that creates high expectations. All these expectations can be met by people. And that is what inspires me: I see our team supporting customers, I see the engineers developing a new product. I see how everyone is willing to improve and how committed they are. It's fascinating to be part of a team that grows together and reaches a new level.

Isabelle Staufer

I'm fascinated by the variety and the challenge of exporting to all kinds of countries around the world. Shipping such large and heavy machines with several containers and crates and finding solutions for exotic destinations is simply fun. It is great to see how such a large project is loaded and shipped and finally arrives at a satisfied customer.

Dr. Christina Härter

After my doctorate, I was determined to join the star of the injection molding sky, Netstal. That was over ten years ago. I got a job and was not disappointed: the working atmosphere is very pleasant, also due to the flat hierarchies. We all work towards one goal: to make injection molding machines even better for our customers. I was encouraged to try new things and found plenty of scope and playgrounds for ideas. As a person, I was able to develop further in this way.

Thank you Netstal!

Sven Hallauer

Netstal is seen by many long-standing customers as a leader in the packaging market. Many companies have grown up with and also thanks to Netstal what is regularly noticeable in many customer discussions. "With the Elios, we have the best machine for packaging applications on the market," says one well-known customer.

I appreciate our open company culture, which enables every employee to make a difference. It may be a little rocky now and then, but the path is never completely blocked.

Ruedi Speck

Starting at Netstal some 40 years ago as a young engineer, I wanted to stay for a year and then change the company. Today, I am officially retired, but as President of the Netstal pension fund, I am still active for Netstal and still fascinated by the company and the product. The company offered me the opportunity to work in a wide variety of functions in development and sales.

Stefan Nef

I remember the time as an apprentice in 1982 -1986. You had already learned at the beginning in the various departments of the production that the strong and special brand Netstal becomes what it is through a lot of enthusiasm and heart and soul. For me, Netstal is still the brand of innovation in the injection molding sector today. Netstal = fast, strong, energy-efficient and durable.