Netstalbrand vision

At Netstal we provide the world’s leading injection molding solutions in superlative Swiss quality to deliver optimal manufacturing efficiency. To this end, we are customer-centric and strive to create value. Our focus is firmly on our customers, markets and a sustainable future.

Netstalbrand mission

To sustainably maximize the production efficiency of our customers.

Netstalbrand values


Through our leadership claim, we make peak performance the standard. Our solutions are synonymous with exceptional Swiss precision and quality.

They lead the way and reflect the passion we have for our métier. Thanks to technical predominance and consistent exceptional performance, we are able to guarantee our customers optimal efficiency, sustainable manufacturing, investment and operational security as well as superlative end product quality.


We create sustainable solutions that reflect the zeitgeist and will continue to do so well into the future.

To this end we challenge the established, learn from our mistakes and are open to innovative approaches, requirements and technologies. As a responsible and reliable partner, we support and share our spirit for engineering with our customers, employees, business partners and investors. We cultivate transparent and trusting long-term relationships.

Value creating

Across the entire value chain, we put our customers first and provide a personalized service on an equal footing.

Our solutions take customer requirements, market developments, innovations and mega-trends into consideration to simplify complexities and create value. Digitization is enhanced by our experience. Synergies are scaled to promote success for our customers and Netstal.

Netstalvalue proposition

Maintain values, create value

Netstal has been a global leader in injection molding technology for over 70 years.

We provide manufacturing companies with high-speed, high-performance machines that are extremely efficient and deliver absolute precision with exceptional reliability. Our products undergo continuous development to meet your needs, with the purposeful incorporation of innovative technologies to ensure your production is constantly efficient and sustainable. Applying our specialist know-how and experience, we actively advance the development of digitization and a sustainable circular economy.

We develop our machine portfolio to provide performance, precision and quality. Our range consequently features all-electric and hybrid injection molding machines of the Elios and Elion series with clamping forces spanning 800 to 10,000 kN and the state-of-the-art PET-Line preform system for up to 144 cavities. To provide turnkey system solutions from a single source, we maintain a network of leading and highly specialized industry partners for molds, handling systems and peripherals.

Netstalapplication expertise

Optimal solutions for customers

You can always rely on our cutting-edge application expertise. We consistently coordinate our strategy to meet the needs of our customers in the thin-walled packaging, PET preform, beverage cap and medical technology segments. For these customers, we bring together our globally recognized experience and state-of-the-art technologies to produce intelligent solutions that enable them to secure the competitive edge. 

Netstalcustomer service

Reliability at your side

Our customer services provide support and advice throughout the entire life cycle of your machine and remain constantly at your disposal. For example, we ensure initial production is successful, rectify any faults, quickly supply you with spare parts, render support during optimization processes and train your specialists in bespoke training sessions. In short: We do everything in our power to increase your productivity, reduce your costs and ensure your investment pays off with lasting effect. Ultimately, our goal is to support you in the long-term as a reliable partner in every facet of injection molding.