Visit us at Fakuma (Hall B3, Booth 3119), where we will be using the injection compression molding process to produce thin-wall packaging specially designed for the circular economy. This process allows you to produce packaging with minimal wall thickness and save valuable resources. With the new Axos 9 control generation, you can take efficiency and precision in your production to a new level. Visit our booth and get inspired.

Discover lightness: Our innovative 200 g yogurt cup presents itself in a feather-light design. With its part weight of only 5.4 g, it sets new standards. What makes this cup particularly sustainable: both the cup and the label are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). This allows for easy recycling and strengthens your contribution to the circular economy. Unlike conventional in-mold labels, the label does not stick in the recycling process. It detaches without affecting the PP recycling stream. Thanks to efficient separation of the ink particles from the pure PP, high-quality regranulate can be produced.

ICM IML Fakuma Becher

The use of injection compression molding (ICM) reduces the weight of the cup by an astonishing 34%. This innovative approach goes hand in hand with our sustainable vision. In addition, by combining the ICM process with product optimizations, we have reduced the packaging volume by an impressive 27% – another step towards sustainability and resource conservation.


Sustainable cups, efficiently manufactured

Experience our environmentally friendly cup, produced with energy-efficient production processes. The thin-wall packaging for dairy products is produced in 4 cavities and requires only 2.7 seconds per cycle – thanks to our Elion 1750 machine with hybrid injection unit. At Netstal, we focus on reliable performance and set standards in terms of energy efficiency. Our machines work precisely and economically to conserve resources and ensure sustainable production. With the optional adaptive system pressure reduction, we have further improved the efficiency of our hybrid machines. The new function is a technological highlight that always determines the optimum point in automatic mode and adjusts the pressure in the hydraulic system accordingly. This results in minimized energy consumption to provide the required system pressure, depending on the application. At Netstal, we are committed to sustainable solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Netstal Elion 1750

The application is the result of a successful cooperation with renowned high-end system partners. These include Glaroform, Beck Automation, SABIC, IPB Printing, motan, Regloplas and Uniform Color. Together we have worked on this future-oriented solution. A key development partner in this collaboration is Switzerland’s Emmi AG, one of the largest dairy product bottlers and a pioneer in the food industry. The specifications for this innovative packaging were developed in close consultation with Emmi to meet the highest demands of the food industry. Particular attention was paid to maintaining the previous appearance of the cup while optimizing recyclability.


Operate the machine intuitively with the new Axos control system

Experience intuitive machine operation with the new Axos 9 control. At Fakuma, we are bringing Axos 9 to the machines of the Elion and Elios series. Call up the full performance potential of your Netstal machine. The integration of Smart Operation makes machine operation in the production environment fast, safe and extremely effective. Smart Operation is still available as a paid option in Axos 9.

Axos controller for injection molding machine


Further packaging application with Netstal in Hall A3

Don’t miss a detour to Hall A3 either. A fully electric Elion 2200 awaits you, which we will present at our Turkish mold partner Ceylan. There, 150 g margarine trays with IML decoration are produced in 4 cavities. The cycle time is 3.8 seconds with a precise shot weight of 42 g. The IML system used, which includes side removal, camera control and packaging unit, comes from Eurasia Robotic in Turkey. Stop by and see this turnkey production line live at the Ceylan booth in Hall A3, Booth A3-3105.


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