Is it worth replacing older injection molding machines with new models? Do you want to manufacture a new product and want to know which machine is suitable? How much energy costs could the company save with the adaptive system pressure reduction in productive use? On the Netstal homepage you will now find three new calculators that will provide you with immediate answers to these questions.

In industry, too, decisions are often made on the basis of gut instinct or assumptions. If the plan works out later, everything is fine. But in the manufacturing industry, it is always better if important investment decisions are made on the basis of concrete and reliable data. To support you as early as possible in your project planning, we are now making three new online tools available for you to use free of charge.

Use the machine finder to determine the right machine for the application

Do you want to manufacture a specific product and are looking for a suggestion for a suitable injection molding machine? Then our machine finder is ideal for you. With basic information about the product and the mold, you will receive a machine suggestion and the corresponding technical data from us.

Choose the right machine now

Calculate break-even and sales increase with machine replacement

Are you already operating older Netstal machines and wondering whether replacing them with new models will pay off? Then you can use the machine replacement calculator to obtain an ROI calculation. With just a few details about the existing machines and the current production data, you will receive the break-even point and the calculated increase in turnover in the first year. A modern machine consumes less electricity: Based on the electricity mix in your country, you will therefore also see the savings in CO2 equivalents with a new machine.

Calculate machine replacement now

Reduce energy costs with adaptive system pressure reduction

With the optionally available and retrofittable adaptive system pressure reduction, you can achieve considerable energy savings depending on the application. Calculate the savings potential for your existing machine or a newly planned system. Enter basic production and process information and find out the potential energy and CO2 savings with activated system pressure reduction. You can also see the time to ROI and the cost savings in your currency. In most cases, the surcharge for system pressure reduction is amortized in a short time. After that, you save money with every cycle and protect the environment.

Calculate energy saving potential now

Send results to the personal contact person

Nothing is more valuable than personal contact. That’s why the same applies to all three tools: When you select your country, you will receive the contact details of the consultant responsible for you. Alternatively, you can also send the result and request to be contacted. We look forward to your inquiry and will provide you with competent support so that you can soon be producing with maximum efficiency.

You will always find direct access to our new planning offer on the Netstal website at the top right of the navigation bar under the menu item “my Netstal”.