PETForm (1750 - 3200 kN)

Flexible and efficient modular platform for the production of preforms


Hybrid injection units

The hybrid injection units with special HPX screw geometries ensure rapid melting. Color pigments, blockers or other blends can be added homogeneously at high throughputs without subjecting the melt to unnecessary shear forces

  • Compact and reliable design
  • Injection axis with hydraulic storage support
  • Electric metering drive with water-cooled servo motor and spur gear
  • High performance HPX screws
  • Simple and quick material and color pigment change

Compact vertical clamping unit

The vertical clamping design ensures extremely high plate parallelism and reliably minimizes the wear of the forming components for molds with up to 12 cavities. With its lock-to-lock time of only 2.0 s, the PETForm clamping system is a leading high-performance PET unit.

  • Vertical two-platen design
  • Moving mold plate guided with columns
  • Smoothly controlled and hydraulically actuated opening and closing movements
  • Good accessibility for quick mold changes
  • Robust and reliable design

Removal gripper

Thanks to the lightweight gripper unit, maximum process speeds can be achieved with minimal clamping movement. This in turn minimizes energy requirements and production costs.

  • Horizontal removal axis with high acceleration and fast speed
  • Compact and lightweight gripper unit
  • Quick gripper change
  • Optimized removal process

Post-cooling unit

85% of the required cooling process takes place in the separate 4-stage post-cooling station. This results in significantly lowered cycle times and high output performance.

  • Turnable cooling unit with a total of 4 stations
  • Intensive cooling with a water temperature of 7°C
  • Ejection onto a horizontal conveyor
  • Simple and quick insert change
  • Good accessibility and simple maintenance


Efficient modular platform for the production of PET preforms

With their vertical clamping design and an electric plasticizing unit, machines from KraussMaffei are known first and foremost for their high efficiency coupled with excellent availability. The low production costs of manufactured items and a long mold life are testament to this.

This turns PETForm systems into cost-efficient high-performance units that are a reliable solution for the beverage industry. With clamping forces of 1750 kN to 3200 kN and a corresponding modular system, PETForm systems offer the ideal balance between high efficiency and the lowest possible clamping force for mold sizes of up to 112 cavities.

How you benefit: High productivity and flexibility with excellent availability.

Core features

  • 2 platforms with a clamping force of 1750 and 3200 kN
  • Vertical clamping unit Two-platen design
  • Injection units with electric metering drive and high-performance HPX screws that can be tailored to the application in a single stage
  • 24–112 cavities
  • Modular design
  • Highest performance potential
  • Robust and reliable design

benefit of the customer

Compact setup dimensions, optimal accessibility
Short dry cycle times
Simple and quick mold changes
Increased mold life
Homogeneous temperature distribution in the mold
Minimal production costs with maximum output
Standard preforms
Hot Fill Preforms
Special forms