In September 2020, we presented the new PET line with side removal. Over the past three years, we have been able to convince existing and new customers of the benefits of the state-of-the-art preform system and successfully placed many systems on the market. We are now expanding the series with the PET-Line 5000.

“If you walk through our PET assembly hall, you mainly see our new side-entry PET Line. The predecessor model, which is based on the top-entry principle, can only be seen occasionally, reports PET Product Manager Stefan Kleinfeld. The market is opting for the most advanced technology. “With the higher productivity, lower power consumption, optimum processing of PET recyclates and excellent compatibility with existing molds and post-mold cooling stations, we offer our customers convincing arguments. We are very satisfied with the development of sales figures to date,” emphasizes Stefan Kleinfeld.


Our new video gives you an overview of the many advantages of the PET-Line:

PET-Line with 5000 kN clamping force extends the series

The future clearly belongs to the PET-Line with side discharge. In order to meet market requirements even better, we are expanding the series. In addition to the existing models with 3000 kN and 4000 kN clamping force, production of the 5000 kN clamping force variant will start at the end of 2023. Thanks to the greater plasticizing unit, preform manufacturers can fill large molds safely and precisely. To optimally meet different market requirements, our customers can combine the three clamping force sizes with different units. There are currently seven combinations to choose from.


We provide you with expert support in configuring a PET-Line that optimally fulfills your tasks. Find the right contact person in your region:

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Production of the predecessor model (PET-Line top-entry) will be discontinued as planned at the end of 2024.