Utilization Phase


Our quick and competent service ensures a smooth production. As soon as you begin using your machine or your system, our experienced service team and its wide range of different services will be available to you. That is how you can ensure the availability of your machine and system throughout the entire production process.


Well-trained personnel will allow you to achieve high production reliability and machine security. For this purpose, Netstal offers a comprehensive program at our training centers as well as individual training on-site at your company. Please find additional information on our training program here.

Spare parts packages

The top priority of our spare parts service is to provide our customers with the right original spare part as quickly as possible when needed. Our active spare parts management includes consultation and a selection of spare and wear parts that meet the needs of our customers.


A malfunction can result in the loss of capacities as well as the reduction of product quality and productivity. With a tight global service network of well-trained technicians, we ensure a quick elimination of malfunctions.


Only a system that is maintained on a regular basis allows you to achieve reliable production during the utilization phase. The value of your system is preserved and expensive machine downtimes can be avoided. We are offering maintenance plans that fit your needs.

Preventative service

Most unplanned and expensive downtimes can be avoided with our preventative service.


If you want to play it safe, allow one of our specialists to inspect your system. With the appropriate special tools and measuring equipment, we are able to quickly analyze the current condition of your system and perform any required measures in time. Using a checklist, we check the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components of the system as well as its safety features and equipment. The resulting documentation provides information on required spare parts or additional measures.

Remote service

Our ultra-modern remote service provides us with direct access to your system, which allows us to diagnose faults quickly and provide help.

Application consulting

Are you in need of support with regard to applications and processes? Use the experience of our process engineering department, which will gladly advise you.


Are you in need of repairs? We offer on-site repairs or the repair of parts at one of our facilities, so take advantage of this opportunity and leave the job to us.


When technical problems arise or machines experience downtimes, it is extremely important to quickly find expert solutions. We will provide expert and dedicated support to ensure that your system runs smoothly once again as quickly as possible.


When you experience problems or failures, we will quickly provide you with the required parts and support – without any red tape.