A new option is now available for hybrid injection molding machines from Netstal: Adaptive system pressure reduction permanently determines the optimum operating pressure in the hydraulic system. The retrofittable feature lowers power consumption while maintaining at least the same productivity, reduces the CO2 footprint and pays for itself in a short time.

Can it be a little less? In order to handle peak loads without any problems, the hydraulic system of hybrid Netstal injection molding machines is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 250 bar. Depending on the application, a lower value would also be sufficient. “This is where we come in with the new system pressure reduction and make our machines even more energy efficient. In automatic mode, the adaptive control system determines the optimum point at any time and adjusts the system pressure accordingly. With the same or even increased productivity, the energy consumption for providing the system pressure is reduced to a minimum,” explains Daniel Wipfli, Product Manager at Netstal. A lower load on the components can also have a positive effect on machine availability, maintenance intervals can be planned more efficiently, and the machine produces for longer time.

Smaller carbon footprint and higher cash flow

In addition, there are further ecological and economic advantages for Netstal customers. The lower energy consumption of the machine also reduces the user’s ecological footprint. Depending on the regional electricity mix, less CO2 is emitted. In most cases, the small surcharge for adaptive system pressure reduction pays for itself within a few months. The payback period varies depending on the region and electricity costs. In some countries, investments in more energy-efficient and climate-friendly production facilities are subsidized with government grants. “For customers, we are happy to calculate the individual savings potential and show how they can manufacture identical products at a lower cost and with a smaller CO2 footprint,” says Wipfli. Finally, lower consumption costs and subsidies have a positive effect on the company’s cash flow. The lower load on the equipment helps extend the life of the machine. The acquisition costs per year of use are lower. Likewise, at the end of the targeted useful life, a higher price can be obtained on the used machine market. Netstal machines are already considered to be particularly stable in value. With the new adaptive system pressure reduction, the Swiss company is once again increasing the distance to the international competition.

Adaptive system pressure reduction is optionally available for all hybrid Netstal injection molding machines running the latest aXos version (release 8.6.0). Retrofitting of existing machines is possible.