ELION (800 - 4200 kN)

Powerful, precise and efficient injection molding machine


Adaptive drive unit

Particularly in light of the steadily increasing cost of electricity, energy efficiency is an extremely important factor. Through the sophisticated combination of different drive technologies, the drive units achieve optimal efficiency values and still provide the required performance reserves for demanding applications.

  • Variable speed servo motor
  • Double pump design
    • Piston variable displacement pump
    • Internal gear constant delivery pump
  • Completely closed oil tank
  • Oil cooling and filtering in the secondary circuit
  • Integrated storage system

Electrical clamping unit

The clamping units of ELION were developed for quick cycles. Extremely short movement times are possible thanks to the unique operation principle. The clamping unit still moves very harmonically.

  • Centrally positioned 5-point toggle lever with crank drive (ELION principle)
  • Moving mold plate guided on stable and smooth linear guides
  • Mold height adjustment positioned on fixed mold plate
  • Bearing points completely sealed and closed with circulatory lubrication

Media options

In order to individually adapt each machine to specific requirements, a wide range of modules with different options is available to you:

  • Hydraulic auxiliary controllers (core tractions)
  • Central cold water distribution
  • Individual circuit water piping from cooling water battery or heating/cooling units
  • Pneumatic valves with separate pressure controller
  • Power socket outlets for peripheral devices
  • Diverse signal interfaces

Hybrid high-performance injection units

Extreme injection performances are particularly in demand for products with very thin walls. With regard to dynamics and injection speed, the hybrid injection units of the ELION series are far ahead of the field.

  • Hydraulic injection axis with rotating injection piston (Spark)
  • Innovative and powerful two-valve technology
  • Electric metering drive with water-cooled servo motor and spur gear
  • Position and speed-controlled injection unit movement with torque-free nozzle contact pressure

All-electric high-performance injection unit

The all-electric injection units of the modular ELION series stand out with their extraordinarily high precision and reproducibility. Due to the robust and powerful design of the injection drive, a very high injection dynamic is reached even at full load.

  • Dynamic and highly precise injection axis with servo motor and dual-toothed rack drive
  • Electric metering axis with highly efficient high torque motor
  • Stable and smooth linear guides
  • Position and speed-controlled injection unit movement with torque-free nozzle contact pressure

aXos controller

More information to the aXos controller can be found here.

Top Performance Made to Order

Speed, precision, reliability, user friendliness and operational efficiency: these are the most important characteristics of our ELION series. Our motto is "Low energy, high performance."

That means top performance and optimum energy efficiency. Thanks to a consistent modular design and a large number of equipment options, the ELION can be adapted perfectly to meet the needs of various application areas.

Core features

  • Clamping force range 800–4200 kN
  • Unique electronic clamping unit
  • Electric or hybrid high-performance injection units
  • Dedicated adaptive drive units
  • Modular system
  • Top performance potential
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Absolute precision
  • Quality and reliability

benefit of the customer

High output and productivity
Low energy consumption
Minimal emissions
Maximum reliability and availability
Very high process consistency and consistent component quality
Flexibility and future security
Maximum cost efficiency and cost effectiveness
Closures and sealing systems
Thin-walled packaging parts
Technical precision parts


ELION brochure

High performance made to measure