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Trade Press officer for the brand Netstal
Michael Birchler
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– 'CPP' sales option ensures controlled production shutdown in the case of a power outage
– Reliable prevention of short shots
– Brief power failures and fluctuations are bridged
– Optimum level of system availability and quick amortization in a challenging industrial environment
- KraussMaffei is to become a subsidiary of the listed Qingdao Tianhua Institute of Chemistry Engineering Co. Ltd. The company headquarters remain in Munich, Germany
- ChemChina remains actual controller of KraussMaffei
- The planned transaction supports KraussMaffei’s further growth. The company already increased its revenue for fiscal 2016 by 5 percent to 1.27 billion Euros and is heading to cross the mark of 1.3 billion Euros in 2017
- In 2017 KraussMaffei is expected to generate approximately 350 new jobs globally – the company now has more than 5,000 employees
- The transaction is subject to approvals by relevant bodies and regulators in China. The request for approvals will be reviewed by relevant bodies and regulators and are expected to be received over the next coming months
– KraussMaffei and Netstal now offer complete leasing packages for injection molding machines
– Available for all KraussMaffei and Netstal standard machines up to 3,000 kN
– Be technically up-to-date at all times – without taking a hit on your balance sheet
– Life cycle concept, maintenance and service included on demand
- Premium support and optimum availability with the new Netstal e-service
- Visual display of machine parameters anytime, anywhere with AnalytiX
- Link ups to KraussMaffei MaXecution and other MES solutions
(Munich, September 20, 2017) Marion Sommerwerck has with immediate effect taken charge of the Corporate Communication and Marketing department of the KraussMaffei Group. She reports to CEO Dr. Frank Stieler.
– Experience innovative technologies live in the new, expanded TechCenter
– United States premiere for the new all-electric PX series by KraussMaffei and the new ELIOS series by Netstal
– Compounding and recycling systems, as well as PVC pipe production, with a concentration on extrusion
– Numerous live demonstrations and presentations reinforce system expertise
– At Fakuma 2017 Netstal will be presenting a complete system for manufacturing multi-layer coffee capsules with IML
– The all-electric ELION provides elevated injection dynamics and peak precision to deliver successful multi-layer injection molding
– Co-injection process for highly effective aroma protection
– Exceptional opportunities for numerous application industries
– Around 200 guests came to the Open House at KraussMaffei Group Mexico and experienced plastics processing from A to Z
– Mix of industries regarding presentations and visitors: Beverages, automotive, packaging, technical applications and construction
– Premiere for all-electric PX series and LRX linear small robots
– Very good mood in the market and strong demand
– At Drinktec, Netstal will produce double-layer barrier preforms using the overmolding process
– PRELACTIA® offers a better light barrier while also sharply reducing the use of titanium dioxide
– This allows milk bottles to become a three-dimensional trademark and serve as advertising media
– At Drinktec, Netstal will produce 38 mm closures for milk bottles
– Shoot & Cap: Using injection molding technology, completed closures with tamper-evident bands are produced in a single process.
– Industry 4.0: Together with Intravis, Netstal presents an adaptive control circuit between the injection molding machine and image processing system.
– Successful Roth Packaging Day with more than 80 participants
– State-of-the-art Roth testing center equipped with KraussMaffei und Netstal machines
– KraussMaffei and Netstal jointly cover the entire spectrum of injection-molded packaging
- The Thai Beverage brewery group invests in the PET-LINE from Netstal
- The leading beverage corporation in the ASEAN region
- PET-LINE offers maximum added value for the PET beverage industry
- Netstal at ReTEC in Augsburg from April 25 to 27, 2017
- Leading used machine technology from Netstal
- Comprehensive overhauls and other options
– French mold manufacturer Plastisud banking on the ELIOS 7500
– Ideal for the commissioning of molds with many cavities and stack molds
– Close cooperation between Plastisud and Netstal
- Netstal will introduce the ELIOS 7500-4200 for the first time at K 2016
- With a dry cycle time of 1.9 seconds, it is the fastest injection molding machine in the 750-ton class
- Patented clamping unit drive technology with recuperation of kinetic energy
- The clamping force range between 4,500 kN and 7,500 kN offers a precise integration into the modular Netstal portfolio
- aXos 8 with new functions for an improved user experience
- Dashboard, component manager and optimized reference curves
- Simple handling for daily operation with full flexibility for experts
- Netstal will present injection-compression molding in a stack mold on an ELION 2800-2000 at K 2016
- The perfect control accuracy of the injection-compression molding process leads to increases in efficiency as well as supermarket-suitable packaging of outstanding quality.
- Complete system solution with IML automation, side entry, camera control and stacker.
- All-electric ELION 2800-870 with 128-cavity mold
- Automation solution separated by cavities
- Demonstration of the optimal integration of safety features that prevent product counterfeiting
- Numerous new developments for the networking of production along the entire process chain
- Demonstration version for new E-Service platform
- APC plus: Weight consistency also for cascades
- DataXplorer: Like looking through a microscope
- Euromap 77: Pioneering for networked production
- Analytics: Intelligent key performance indicators on smartphone and tablet
– Pollmann International GmbH placed one of the first pre-orders for the new ELIOS
– Suggests great confidence in the experience of Netstal and the outstanding performance of its injection molding machines
– Intended for the production of thin-walled lightweight components for use in cars
– Live at K 2016: 2.8g domed lid, 24+24 mold, cycle time 4 seconds
– Successful open house in Querétaro on 5 July 2016 with more than 200 visitors
– Suitable solutions for the increasing demand for high-quality products at attractive unit costs.
– Strong acceptance of Netstal in Mexico
- Netstal is presenting the highly efficient injection-compression molding technology in a stack mold at K 2016
- Innovative advanced application technology with the goal of reducing material consumption by up to 20%
- The technology enables unit costs up to 10% lower with a simultaneous increase in product quality
- Customers are already successfully using the ICM system under production conditions
– KraussMaffei Group promotes the implementation of Industry 4.0 in plastics processing under the umbrella term "Plastics 4.0"
– Focus on intelligent machines, networked production processes and interactive services
– Numerous live demonstrations at K 2016
- For maximum success: Netstal provides its customers with turnkey injection molding systems from a single source
- For maximum efficiency: Close collaboration with specialized partners from mold making, robotics and automation
- For maximum productivity: The world's first 128-cavity pipette tip production line on an ELION 2800 with automation solution in compact design
- Powerful: High-performance injection molding with a clamping force of 750 tons
- Quick: The fastest dry cycle in its size class
- Economic: Newly developed, energy-efficient electrical clamping unit
- Typical Netstal: Maximum precision, robustness and flexibility
- Excellent: Extremely productive system for realizing successful packaging solutions
- Live at K 2016: 2.8 g round lid, 24+24 mold, cycle time 4 seconds
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