SynErgy (600 - 8000 kN)

Proven injection molding machine for cost-optimized solutions


Clamping units

The robust design of the SynErgy toggle lever clamping unit offers the right conditions for reliable long-term production over the course of many years.

  • 5-point dual toggle lever
  • Moving mold plate supported by stable slipways and guide bushings
  • Mold height adjustment positioned on support plate
  • Plate ejector with integrated, central ejector coupling



Drive units

With its high-performance hydraulic accumulator, the SynErgy has raised the bar with regard to performance. Our machines offer top dynamics and parallel movements – even during very quick cycles.

  • Double pump drive system with hydraulic accumulator
  • Oil tank integrated into machine frame
  • Oil cooling secondary circuit
  • Permanent oil filtration

Injection unit

The injection units of the SynErgy series are built for tough continuous operation. They offer sufficient injection performance in order to overcome even the most demanding thin-wall applications in tough continuous operation.

  • Hydraulic injection axis with rotating injection piston (Spark)
  • Powerful servo hydraulics
  • robust and reliable injection unit connection
  • Optional electrical metering drive

Multi-component options

The SynErgy module includes a comprehensive portfolio of different clamping force sizes and injection units. This provides many options for possible combinations, which in turn can be used optimally for two-component and multi-component systems. SynErgy offers the correct machine configuration for nearly any application

  • Many options for the adaption of 2C injection units
  • Possible positions:
    • Standard L-position
    • L-position behind the fixed mold plate
    • Diverse angle positions
    • "Piggyback" solutions

Proven technology and high reliability

The broad basis portfolio and the many useful additional functions of the SynErgy series are very popular across many industries. The SynErgy series also allows the use of multi-component applications.

Thanks to the proven DSP control technology, SynErgy can be programmed very quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the robust design guarantees reliable operation and a very long service life with a price/performance ratio that can't be beat.

Core features

  • Clamping force range 600–8000 kN
  • Hydraulic clamping unit
  • Hydraulic injection units with electric metering drive
  • High-performance hydraulic accumulator
  • Many application areas
  • Proven and reliable technology
  • High level of quality

benefit of the customer

High performance potential
High output and productivity
Flexible application areas
Easy to operate
Robust design
High reliability and availability
Attractive price/performance ratio
Technical precision parts


SynErgy brochure

Completely flexible, universal in application: SynErgy series