Retrofitting andconversions

Mitarbeiter Netstal

Maintain values, create value

Our machines reliably operate and maintain peak performance for you for decades. Through practical upgrades, we make sure your machine is ideally adapted to meet changed requirements. The utmost priority for us is always the efficiency of your production.

Upgrade products:

Our most popular upgrade products ensure that you work more efficiently with your Netstal machine. We offer a diverse range of options. A few examples:

  • Adaptive system pressure reduction lowers your energy consumption. You reduce costs and your CO2 footprint
  • Smart Operation delivers reliable and error-free operation within the production environment. Together we program the four smart buttons that control the entire process: Fast, efficient and error-free.
  • Our PET customers are delighted with our new PETx screw. It lowers your production costs by reducing the need to add AA blocker by up to 30%.
  • Our Netstal Remote Control (NRC) enables you to access your machine anytime, anywhere. When troubleshooting, your technical specialists can quickly and easily undertake data analysis or provide application support across all locations.