Application-based optimization of injection molding processes

As material, mold and process requirements change, we are at your side to provide competent support in making any necessary adjustments. Offering practical optimization measures, we help you increase productivity, reduce costs, improve product quality and minimize the environmental impact.

Reference projects

Here, a few customer projects that we would like to share with you to give you an insight into some of our successes. Keep in touch with our customer service to become part of a success story.

Successfully maximize output

By minimizing cycle times, you can substantially increase productivity and produce more parts in less time. We analyze your process, fine-tune the machine and mold movements and optimally adjust the injection process. How you benefit: Premium part quality and reliable process robustness

Sustainably reduce energy consumption

Lower energy consumption means reduced costs and more environmentally friendly manufacturing. Checking your system allows us to identify and optimize inefficient components. Lowering system pressure or using energy-efficient drives, for example, can reduce energy consumption.

Produce more with less material

Optimization of the injection molding process can reduce material consumption. We achieve this by fine-tuning the injection process or switching to materials with enhanced flow characteristics, and minimizing the number of rejects and reworking measures. Reducing material consumption results in cost reduction and a more efficient use of resources.

Reliably prevent operational errors

Simple and user-friendly operation of the injection molding machine can reduce staff deployment and minimize the potential for error. Netstal machines optionally offer Smart Operation, which enables processes to be controlled via pre-programmed smart buttons. This function can be customized to meet the specific requirements within your company and so ensure smooth operation.