NETSTAL at FAKUMA Innovative packaging application and comprehensive services

(Näfels, 01.10.2021) In keeping with the motto "circular economy meets digital", NETSTAL and its partners will be presenting at FAKUMA a packaging solution with reduced plastic content and the e-Service, which is available to all users free of charge. From January 2022, NETSTAL will also be offering machine calibrations accredited to ISO 17025. NETSTAL will be located in hall B5 at booth 5217.


On an ELION 2200-1000, 1.2 liter SPIES PC round pails with paper chassis are produced. A pre-printed band of coated cardboard is inserted into the two cavities of the mold using IML robotics. A PP plastic is then injected via channels to fill the rim of the bucket and firmly bond it to the cardboard band. The cycle time is 5 seconds. Robotics removes the finished pails and stacks them on a conveyor belt after a camera check. Subsequently, the pail stacks are packed fully automatically into provided boxes with the help of a SMART COBOT BOXING robot. System partners of the exhibit are SPIES Kunststoffe, Muller Technology Conthey, Motan colortronic, EF cooling, SABIC, Storaenso and Engelhardt Etikett.

With this application, NETSTAL and its development partners demonstrate a novel 1.2 liter pail with minimal weight and maximum content of renewable raw materials. To ensure durability of the contents and tightness, the cardboard sleeves are coated with PP and have plastic seams. The design
possibilities of the label are just as perfect as with the classic thin-wall packaging, which is decorated using the IML process.

Maximum injection performance with perfect precision and repeatability
The skeleton framework, injection-molded from PP, has a wall thickness of 0.92mm in the area of the flow bars. The plastic content of a round bucket is only 11.5 grams. In order to be able to reliably reproduce the fine structures with high shot weight consistency, high injection performance with precise control is essential. This is a task for which the ELION 2200 in the version with hybrid injection unit and double valve technology is predestined. The flow path/wall thickness ratio of this application is 1:305, which requires very high injection dynamics. Also of key importance: plasticizing must be perfectly designed to ensure optimum color homogeneity. Despite its enormous performance capacity, the ELION operates very energy-efficiently. For high overall system effectiveness, all peripherals have been integrated into the aXos machine control system. The optional SMART OPERATION 4-key control system supports users in achieving their efficiency targets. Guided operation reliably prevents operating errors and unplanned downtimes.

Free NETSTAL e-Service
In the Service Corner of the booth in hall B5, visitors can gather information about the wide range of services offered as part of the NETSTAL Life Cycle concept. In addition to the classic offerings, NETSTAL has been offering its own online service portal since 2018. The document repository included in the e-SERVICE eliminates the need to search for specific machine documents. The innovative platform provides clear access to electrical diagrams, technical data as well as setting instructions. Quick identification and ordering of spare parts is made possible by the integrated 3D spare parts catalog with graphical visualization of the individual machine components. With the user-friendly ticketing system, support can be requested directly from a distance in the event of service. The e-Service is part of the scope of delivery of all NETSTAL machines and can be used by all customers free of charge.

ISO 17025 accredited calibration of injection molding machines
From January 2022, NETSTAL will offer ISO 17025 accredited calibration of injection molding machines. With risk-based calibration by trained calibration personnel, NETSTAL guarantees proven measurement accuracy of the relevant sensor signals within a defined measurement uncertainty range. The company has successfully fulfilled the certification criteria as an accredited laboratory according to ISO 17025. The certificate will be issued by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) by the end of the year.

NETSTAL at FAKUMA 2021 (Friedrichshafen, Germany, October 12-16, Hall B5, Booth 5217)