Higher output and reduced energy consumption: NETSTAL launches the ELIOS 4500 with all-electric clamping unit

(Näfels, 03.03.2022) Powerful and particularly energy-efficient: With the hybrid high-performance machines of the ELIOS series, NETSTAL is excellently positioned in the application field for high-speed thin-wall applications with clamping forces between 4500 and 10000 kN. By intelligently redesigning the drive components, NETSTAL was able to significantly shorten the dry cycle time of the smallest model with 4500 kN and at the same time further reduce power consumption. Users benefit from increased productivity and lower unit costs.


Thin wall packaging manufacturers think in terms of efficiency gains in tenths of a second. Every cycle time reduction leads to increased productivity. Another factor influencing part costs is the energy efficiency of the production equipment. In these two key dimensions, NETSTAL was able to optimize the smallest model in the ELIOS series with 4500kN clamping force. "By intelligently redesigning the actuating elements in the clamping unit, we were able to completely eliminate the hydro mechanical part of the drive and thus realize a purely electric drive train. For our customers, this makes the ELIOS 4500 even more productive. At the same time, they achieve further savings in electricity costs," says Marcel Christen, Product Manager at NETSTAL.


4500 kN: Increased efficiency in high-performance applications
The result in figures: The drying time of the ELIOS 4500 is reduced by 0.1 seconds to a new 1.4 seconds. In relation to the Euromap dry cycle, energy consumption is reduced by 7 kW. The elimination of the hydro mechanical components for operating the toggle lever also results in an overall machine length that is 450 mm shorter. "This is an advantage for our customers that should not be underestimated, if the space saved in the production hall can be used profitably elsewhere," adds Marcel Christen.


5500 to 10000 kN: Hybrid performance for thin wall packaging
In the clamping units of the larger variants with 5500, 6500, 7500, 8800 and 10000 kN, the unique, patented drive concept for actuating the toggle lever continues to be effective. "For the higher clamping forces, the hybrid drive remains the ideal synthesis to ensure the optimum combination of speed and energy efficiency. It consists of an electrically driven double gear rack and pinion and a synchronously interacting hydro mechanical actuator that ensures the build-up of the maximum clamping force," explains Marcel Christen.
With the highest speed and the best energy efficiency on the market, the ELIOS has been delighting renowned customers worldwide since its market launch in 2016. The dry cycle time ranges between 1.4 and 2.2 seconds, depending on the model. The outstanding energy efficiency of the machines is ensured, among other things, by the recovery of kinetic energy, which is reused in the form of hydraulic energy in the overall system.