PET-LINE (2400 - 5000 kN)

High-performance injection molding systems for the production of preforms


Toggle lever clamping unit

The clamping unit of the PET-LINE is based on the proven mechanical system of the SynErgy and was optimized in the course of different evolutionary steps with state-of-the-art digital control technology.
It is tailored to the specific requirements of PET preform molds and thereby offers optimal framework conditions.

  • 5-point dual toggle lever with hydraulic actuating cylinder for quick and harmonious movement sequences
  • Robust and stable design
  • Stable support of moving mold plate on sliding guides and columns
  • Perfectly designed for large and high-cavity molds

Preblow – lower weight, higher cost effectiveness

Immediately after the preforms are removed, they are actuated with internal pressure via a transfer gripper. Due to the special design of the Preblow cooling sleeves, a stretching of the floor area follows, which significantly reduces the material accumulation in the sprue area.

Your advantages:
Lower preform weight and even wall thickness of the final product


Removal unit and post-cooling

  • Dynamic and quick removal gripper with integrated cooling
  • Transfer unit with optional integrated calibration of the neck area and pre-blow stage (Calitec and Preblow Option)
  • Highly efficient cooling station with up to 4 post-cooling cycles
  • Parts release onto conveyor with container change function
  • Removal and post-cooling unit integrated completely into the machine controller

2-stage injection units

The injection unit of the PET-LINE is a unique in-house-development. The extremely high throughputs of a preform system are only made possible in the first place thanks to the unique design.

  • High-performance plasticizing unit with electric metering drive
  • Intrusion technology for maximum metering performance
  • Injection piston with hydraulic actuation (ShotPot principle)
  • Innovative and powerful valve technology
  • Highly precise and quick digital control of metering and injection processes

Adaptive drive unit with optimal energy efficiency

  • Variable speed servo motor
  • Double pump design
    • Piston variable displacement pump
    • Internal gear constant delivery pump
  • Completely closed oil tank
  • Oil cooling and filtering in the secondary circuit
  • Integrated storage system

Calitec® – the smart way to reduce cycle times

In order to improve the preform post-cooling, the demolded preforms are actuated with internal pressure via the transfer gripper.
That ensures a more intensive and, most importantly, uninterrupted post-cooling of the preforms. A calibration of the external preform diameter is carried out at the same time

Your benefits:
Faster cycle times and optimal preform quality


Top Performance Made to Order

PET-LINE is a state-of-the-art production system for PET preforms and stands for maximum profitability and efficient production.

With its PET-LINE product line, Netstal is a leading global supplier of injection molding machines for PET preforms

Core features

  • 3 platforms with a clamping force of 2400, 4000 and 5000 kN
  • Also available in two-component design for Overmolding
  • Injection units tailored to the application
  • 24–144 cavities
  • Digitally controlled clamping unit with 5-point dual toggle lever
  • 2-stage high-performance injection units with hybrid technology
  • Innovative adaptive drive unit with optimal energy efficiency
  • Modular system
  • Highest performance potential
  • Robust and reliable design

benefit of the customer

Maximum cost effectiveness
Minimum material costs
Shortest cycle times
Highest component quality
Optimal energy efficiency
Highest precision and repeatability
Individually fitting system sizes