Optimization Phase


Our goal is to keep your system and your employees technically up-to-date. New technology can be integrated into existing systems, enabling you to embrace the latest innovations. After expertly modifying your system, we make sure that your personnel is provided with all the requisite training.


Meeting new requirements often necessitates a retrofit. To this end, we can supply you with complete turnkey solutions including all the services you need.


Newly developed technologies can be incorporated to increase the productivity of your system. These include our state of-the-art control system and recently developed machine components.

Process consulting

If your requirements regarding materials, tools and processes change, our experienced process engineers will be happy to give you all the support you need.

Energy consulting

Given today's rising energy costs, a review of your system is an investment definitely worth making. We will be pleased to advise you on everything from optimally adapted drive motors to the efficient thermal insulation of heating elements.


The basis for efficient production is continuous training of your personnel. We recommend that you take advantage of NETSTAL's worldwide training program. Maintenance Routine system maintenance is essential to ensuring a high level of availability. It also helps to retain the value of your system.


You can rely on our experienced service team to maintain the efficiency and high performance of your system.


Our state-of-the-art teleservice gives you direct access to your system, enabling us to provide you with quick fault diagnostics and support. Preventive service To protect your system against avoidable and costly breakdowns, we recommend our preventive service and flanking service packages.