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Impressions from K 2022

Packaging Exhibit: ELIOS 4500-2900

High performance system for 150ml yogurt cups
KM Machines

Experience the enhanced ELIOS 4500 live in action at K 2022! By switching to an all-electric clamping unit, we have reduced the dry cycle of this high-performance machine by another 0.1 seconds to a new 1.4 seconds. You benefit not only from the increased productivity, but also from the improved energy efficiency: Based on the dry cycle, the average power consumption of the ELIOS 4500 is reduced by 7kW. Another plus point is the machine length, which has been shortened by around 450mm.

Application: 150ml IML yogurt cup

  • Clamping force: 4500kN
  • Energy efficiency: Class 8 (according to Euromap 60.1)
  • Cycle time: 3.9 s
  • Part weight: 5.4 g
  • Wall thickness: 0.32mm (cup without label)
  • F/W ratio: 1 : 369
  • Mold: 8 cavities
  • Material: SABIC FPC 100 (certified renewable PP)
  • Label: MCC Verstraete NextCycle IML with HolyGrail 2.0
The future of food packaging
KM Machines

Together with our partners, we demonstrate a sustainable and future-oriented food packaging. The yogurt cup is made of a certified, renewable PP. This material is based on tall oil, a waste product from paper production. MCC Verstraete's new NextCycle IML is fully compatible with the PP recycling stream and allows the packaging to be mechanically recycled without the label impacting the PP. Separation by material type is ensured by the integration of Holy Grail 2.0 digital watermarks. With our high-performance and energy-efficient ELIOS, we compensate for the firmer thickness of the new label in the injection molding process with a correspondingly thinner wall thickness of the cup.

Our exhibit partners:

Mold and handling: IML Solutions
Hot runner: Oerlikon HRSflow
Material: SABIC
Label: MCC Verstraete
Material handling: Motan Colortronic
Masterbatch: Uniform Color
MES: bfa solutions

Application Video

Our Performance. Your Success: At k2022 we will showcase an absolute high-performance and future-oriented thinwall packaging application.


High performance system for 300ul pipettes made of conductive polypropylene
KM Machines

Experience the all-electric ELION 1200 at K! Together with our system partners, we present a highly efficient system solution for pipette tips. The master clock is the energy-saving, medically equipped ELION 1200, which achieves a particularly fast cycle time of around 5.3 seconds for this application. The machine is equipped with our innovative 4-button SMART OPERATION control system. The option enables additional productivity increases through automation, standardization and shortening of recurring process steps in shift operation.

Application: Pipette tips

  • Clamping force: 1200kN
  • Cycle time: 5.3 s
  • Energy efficiency: Class 9 (according to Euromap 60.1)
  • Mold: High performance mold with 64 cavities
  • Material: Electrically conductive polymer Premix PRE-ELEC PP 19150
  • Handling system: High speed automation (integrated in SMART OPERATION mode)
  • Long-term stable process and high part quality thanks to NETSTAL RFC process control
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Energy saving thanks to recuperation and SMART OPERATION
  • Simplified data set management, one data set for everything
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) greater than 95%.

Our exhibit partners:

Mold: Otto Männer GmbH
Automation: MA Micro Automation GmbH
Material: Premix Group
Temperature control units: HB Therm
Hot runner control unit: Gammaflux
Material handling: Motan Colortronic
Process control: Priamus
MES: bfa solutions

Application Video

Our Performance. Your Success: At k2022 we will showcase an absolute high-performance turnkey molding solution for pipette tips.

Digitization and service

Digital Showcase: Standardized data exchange via OPC-UA
KM Machines

As an OPC-UA Foundation Member, we are helping to drive the development of the interface standard for plastics machinery. OPC-UA enables the standardized, manufacturer-independent and efficient data exchange of machines, devices and other systems in the industrial environment.

At our booth we realize the complete peripheral integration of a Manufacturing Execution System from bfa solutions, temperature control units from HB-Therm and hot runner control units from Gammaflux.

In addition, we will participate in the OPC-UA / umati Showcase with all exhibition machines. With the umati demonstrator web app, live data of the connected machines can be accessed via smartphone.

KM Machines

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