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AnalytiX is the cloud-based production monitoring from Netstal. Using the innovative analysis tool, you can access the monitoring of machine states and automated process evaluations regardless of the time or place. With AnalytiX, you will increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your injection molding production.

Your benefits

Monitoring production parameters 24/7
Monitoring production parameters 24/7
Detailed data history
Detailed data history
Sustainable increases in efficiency
Sustainable increases in efficiency
Flexible equipment packages
Flexible equipment packages
Secure data storage in Switzerland
Secure data storage in Switzerland


App for tablets and smartphones

AnalytiX is available as a tailored app for smartphones and tablets. The high user-friendliness supports your workflow, no matter whether you use AnalytiX at work or on the go.

All the important information at a glance

With AnalytiX you can see at a glance whether all your machines are working properly. Graphically prepared diagrams support you in detecting performance deviations at an early stage.


  • Production monitoring regardless of the time or place
  • Current machine states and a variety of characteristic values
  • Graphically prepared process parameters
  • Automated process evaluations
  • Data history for all machines and parameters
  • Data storage per machine bookable up to 2 years
  • Secure data storage in the Netstal private cloud
  • User-friendly app for Android and iOS
  • Free introductory version (Basic) with 24 hours of data storage
  • Individually selectable equipment packages
  • Available in various languages

AnalytiX Packages

Basic package
Basic Plus package
Advanced package
Expert package

Data storage packages:

You do not need the same data storage capabilities for all of your machines? No problem with AnalytiX, because you can determine the data retention of each machine individually with our data storage packages. That allows you to be flexible and you only pay for what you actually need. You can simply order the data storage packages in Netstal's new e-service.

Data Storage

Data Storage

  • 24 hours
  • Free within AnalytiX Basic*
*not available in combination with Basic-Plus, Advanced and Expert packages.

Data Storage

  • 1 month*
*Data storage packages are machine-based (duration 1 year)

Data Storage

  • 6 months*
*Data storage packages are machine-based (duration 1 year)

Data Storage

  • 24 months*
*Data storage packages are machine-based (duration 1 year)

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*Test account for Chinaplas and NPE

Thank you for your interest in Netstal AnalytiX. We have set up a test account for Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai and NPE in Orlando. Please send your registration and you will receive the login information directly by e-mail.


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