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The NETSTAL brand has always stood for high performance but also for maximum precision and reproducibility. The demands from the industry on the quality and consistency of the produced components are constantly increasing. The unique and highly accurate RFC injection control system from NETSTAL plays a decisive role precisely in this context. Thanks to stable mechanical construction, highly accurate measurement technology and sophisticated control technology, the injection units from NETSTAL achieve an extremely high shot weight consistency. This means that the user can fully rely on his production.
Achieve maximum productivity in system cells and quality of moulded parts through the possibility of adapting the injection moulding process to your area of application by means of targeted peripheral integration via OPC UA.
Two high-performance production systems will catch the eyes of visitors at our NETSTAL booth in Hall 15 from October 19 - 26.
PET bottles have been around for 5 decades and NETSTAL has played a decisive role in shaping this success story with its PET-LINE. Since 2020, also with the new variant with lateral removal of the freshly injection molded preforms. The most modern system on the market has impressed customers with its enormous performance from the very beginning.